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JCSO Cello Section

Meet some of our cellists...


Cherylonda Fitzgerald

Principal Cello

Message for the patrons of the JCSO?

We love you as much as you love us and sincerely appreciate your enthusiastic support! We will always work hard to do our best to deliver the highest quality music we are capable of! Thank you all!


Georgia Sinko

Section Cello

Message for the patrons of the JCSO?

This orchestra has the heart of the community. The Johnson City Symphony has soul and passion and fire that many orchestras lack. It is one of my favorite orchestras that I have ever played in, in part because of the musicians and in part because of our audience and the community that supports us.


Audrey Altonen

Section Cello

Best part about playing with the JCSO?

Having the opportunity to collaborate and perform with the most dedicated and accomplished musicians I know.


Marie Cole

Section Cello


Section Cello

Interesting fact about yourself?

I am a walking, talking, cello-playing Beatles songbook!


Matthew Pierce  •  Abbie Fields

Section Cellos


It's Showtime!

Clockwise from front right:
Cherylonda Fitzgerald, Georgia Sinko, David Schoeni, Peter Ryan, Alexia Pantanizopoulos, Sophia Chambers, Audrey Altonen, Marie Cole


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