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Meet some of our violinists...


Helen Bryenton


Message for the patrons of the JCSO?

It is exciting to share the results of all our hours of preparation with such an appreciative and supportive audience! Being a musician is not the easiest profession, but it is certainly one of the most rewarding!


Kellie Brown

Associate Concertmaster

Assistant Conductor

What triggered your desire to become
a musician?

Listening to deeply emotional music like Barber’s Adagio and Mahler’s Second Symphony with my best friend when I was a senior in high school. I knew that I was different because I drove to school listening to Mozart’s Requiem instead of the radio.


Abigail Boone

Principal Second Violin


Jennifer Cooke

Section Violin

Message for the patrons of the JCSO?

It is a privilege to bring these musical works to life for our audience. I am tremendously grateful to our community for their continued support of the JCSO.


Section Violin

Message for the patrons of the JCSO?

Mostly, I hope it comes across to the audience how much we (the musicians) enjoy playing with one another! We not only enjoy the personal experience of being on stage and performing for ourselves as musicians, but of course also being able to share it with an audience that’s as excited as we are.

whitney landell photo.jpeg

Whitney Landell

Section Violin

What else do you do?

Besides playing in the JCSO and being self employed, I am raised by my two girls. They have their hands full.


Lindsay Norris

Section Violin

Best thing about playing in the JCSO?

I enjoy building my musical repertoire as well as interacting with fellow musicians. I also like having the opportunity to play alongside amazing guest artists and bringing quality music to my community!

Paul Strobel - violin_edited_edited.jpg

Paul Stroebel

Section Violin


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