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2023-2024 Donors

Thank you to everyone who has donated to the JCSO thus far during our 2023-2024 season! We literally would not be here without you! Your donations provide funding for JCSO repertoire, musicians, and youth outreach programs.

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Composer's Circle


Tennessee Arts Commission

Conductor's Circle


Charles and Susan Caudle

Art and Hannah Harris

Guy Mauldin

Dr. Lewis and Marcia Songer

William and Judith Tindall

Milligan University*

Platinum Baton


LiveWire Radio

Silver Baton


Martha Alfonso

Dr. Paul and Betty Jean Benson

Harriet Cone

James and Kellie Culp

Bea Ellis

Nancy Flugrath

Roberta Herrin

Robert and Donna Jacobson

David Kalwinsky

Alice Link

Kurt and Karyl Maier

Judith Mast

Robert and Cheryl Milliken

Tom and Joy McGinnis

Elaine Pectol

Jerry Pollit and Helen Davey

Tom and Dorie Schwab

Leanne Shaver



Walter and Nancy McMann

Gary Tregaskis

Steve and June France



Judith Beckman

Michael and Karen Cassell

Scott, Yi, and Abigail Caudle

Barry and Cathy Deadrick

Janet Fisher

Jim and Theresa Garbe

Janet Hartmann

David Herting

Kermit and Evelyn Huyck

Scott and Barb Jeffress

Kim Kirkpatrick

John and Tonya Langenbrunner

Jane LaPella


John and Bonnie Martin

Jim Miller - In memory of Verna Miller

Janet Moore

Bobby and Brenda Phillips

Judith Richardson

Stephen Scheu

Donald Shaffer

Steve and Beverly Sherwood



Laura Azima

Kathleen Breen

William Campbell

Edwin Gerace

Gabriel Gounaris

Patricia Haney

Jim Holt

Sue Lockett

Helen Nash

Janie Owens

William and Nancy Russell

Nancy Scherrer

Christina Soto and Rex Whitfield

Gary Strong

Thank you for your support of the JCSO!

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