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Beauty in Stone

By: Theresa Hayes, JCSO Board Member

Suzanne McKinney is a vivacious woman whose handcrafted jewelry is adorning women from coast to coast. “I love shopping for and wearing fashion jewelry and I've spent countless hours shopping for it in boutiques,” said Suzanne. “About eight years ago I decided to try making jewelry for myself.” Suzanne's fashion sense and craftsmanship led to a thriving business, Beauty In Stone. Conducted primarily online, Suzanne's work can be seen at and on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. Suzanne pieces are also seen on the popular fashion and lifestyle blogger site,  The Pink Pineapple, a boutique in Hilton Head, carries a wide selection of her pieces, and for years our local Monkees of Johnson City, carried her line.

Suzanne's Happy Place

Suzanne is inspired to design her pieces using freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones, recycled beach glass beads, and wire.  She likes to incorporate leather, coins, pendants, and chunky rhinestones in her work.  She styles leather hat bands, bootstraps, belts, leather cuff bracelets and leather lariats. You can even get some pretty fancy Apple watchbands. Everything can be customized to the buyers’ taste, and size. “Recently, I've designed my own bezel settings inspired by the shape of my logo,” reported Suzanne. “There are two sizes of this exclusive setting. One holds the size of a silver dollar. In these I mount coins, different colored gemstones, abalone shells, and engraved disks. The smaller one is perfect to mount a state quarter, and many are sold with a state that is meaningful to the customer.” Another item sought by all ages are the friendship bracelets made hugely popular by Taylor Swift. “My version uses 18 karat gold filled beads, for an upscale bracelet that will last without tarnishing. You can order these with initials of your children and grandchildren, inspirational words, or any dates you like. These make a wonderful, personalized gift that are beautiful worn as a single or by stacking multiples.”  Her pieces range from $50-$200 and are loved by all generations. 

You imagine it, Suzanne can make it

Since Suzanne and her husband, Steve, moved here from Florida in 2007, she has gained a wide range of admirers in East Tennessee. When I visited her home to pick up the five bracelets she has donated for JCSO fundraiser, she was planning displays of her work that will be available at the Wine, Women & Shoes fundraiser on April 20th. “They generally invite only a few vendors, so I am honored to be chosen as one,” said Suzanne. “I like to support local fundraiser events. They are great way to meet people and build my business, while at the same time promoting a worthy cause.”

The pieces Suzanne has donated to be auctioned at the JCSO's Modern Mozart Masquerade Ball on May 11th include a stackable set of three bracelets made of agate, Amazonite, and stainless steel. This set includes a friendship bracelet with the letters “JCSO”. Another bracelet is made of large freshwater pearls and silver links, and the third is a gold link bracelet with a gold coated pearl and a Fleur de Lis clasp. You'll have to outbid me to own these pieces!


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