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For the Love of Dance

Updated: Apr 23

Featured dancers at this year’s Mozart Masquerade Ball will again be Mia and Stephen Matthews, owners of Mountain Home Ballroom in Johnson City.

They will give group mini-lessons at the gala event and will also perform for guests. Additionally, they are pleased to donate a private lesson package for this year’s silent auction.


Mia and Stephen began dancing together in 2021, first as co-workers, then as dance partners seeking to compete, and now as a married couple. Little did they know that that first spin on the floor would lead to love! But that’s not all it led to; together, they own and manage a studio that has expanded three times since its opening in 2022.


Today, they are partners in every sense of the word. But their journey to social and competitive ballroom dance looks very different.


Stephen, a Marine Veteran, found ballroom dancing after returning from a life-changing deployment in Afghanistan. He will tell you that dance saved him. Because of this, he is particularly interested in working with other trauma victims to share how dance has helped him heal over the years. His ballroom training has taken him around the world, and he is knowledgeable in every partnership dance.


Mia began dancing at age three. Trained primarily in classical ballet, she also studied jazz and contemporary styles, but she found her true passion when she was introduced to partnership dancing. The years of classical training made her a quick study, and they have contributed significantly to her approach to training in and teaching ballroom dance styles.

Mia and Stephen are accomplished dancers who find joy in both social and competitive dance settings. Their skill, precision, and flair have earned them acclaim within local dance circles, showcasing not only their talent but also their dedication to the art form. When they are not teaching and competing, you will likely find them studying dance syllabi, training with professional coaches, or enjoying a game night with friends.


The Matthews appreciate ballroom dance not only for its artistic and physical benefits, but also its mental health benefits. They see a place for everyone in their studio and strive to make their learning environments safe, inclusive, and accessible. They think fostering a sense of community is just as important as helping students learn and perfect their skills.


Mountain Home Ballroom is a fun, safe space for everyone! For more information, visit 

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