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Adopt-A-Musician 2021-22 Season


Help us reach our goal of 100% Musicians Adopted in time for Opening Night: October 5th!

11 Musicians adopted

3 Musician Chairs sponsored

so far this season as of 8/27/21

Support your Johnson City Symphony by adopting your favorite musician!

Adopt any Musician: $200

Sponsor a Musician Chair: $1000

Sponsor the Concertmaster, Helen Bryenton: $2500

Sponsor the Conductor, Rob Seebacher:


Benefits include:

  • An exclusive reception where you can meet and mingle with our musicians and conductor, Rob Seebacher.

  • A photo and a short bio of your musician.

  • Recognition in our concert program and on our website.

Your donation is tax deductible.

You may adopt any musician for just $200.

Or support the JCSO even more by sponsoring a Musician Chair.

(You can pool resources with friends to make a sponsorship more affordable.

Contact our office to find out how.)

Donate now by clicking on the button below.

Or Call our office at (423) 926-8742

Want to choose a specific musician? Scroll down to check out the Musician Roster below.

Adopt or Sponsor Now

Support Our Musicians

Musicians may be adopted or sponsored more than once.


Rob Seebacher

Helen Bryenton, Concertmaster

Kellie Brown, Associate Concertmaster

Abigail Boone, Principal 2nd Violin

Kim Barrett

Marianna Brickle

Jennifer Cooke

Caroline Farmer

Heather Gilreath

Sarah Hurd

• Whitney Landell
ADOPTED BY Karyl and Kurt Maier

Kari Lapins

Karyl Maier

Margaret Moore

Diego Nunez

Galina Timofeev

• Lindsay Norris Williams
ADOPTED BY Karyl and Kurt Maier

Principal Viola

Rodrigo Guridi

Jane Hillhouse

Lindsey King

Vivian McIntire

Wendy Royston

• Cherylonda Fitzgerald, Principal

ADOPTED BY Mike Barker

in memory of Queenetta Robinson

Audrey Altonen

Sophie Chambers

Marie Cole

Abbie Fields Smith

Alexia Pantanizopoulos

Matthew Pierce

Georgia Sinko

Cynthia Mueller, Principal

Adam Booker

Kim France

Herb Hall

Sara Nichols


Rebecca Paluzzi, Principal

Nancy Schneeloch-Bingham


Rebecca Percy

• Victor Chavez, Principal

CHAIR SPONSORED BY Dan and Pamela Pope

Tanner Age

Stephanie Rebuck Cox

Soo Goh


Rachel Cox

Alicia Chapman

Jeffrey Sherwood

Zachary Millwood, Principal

Jennifer Anderson

Rosalind Buda


Keith McClelland

Karen Robertson, Principal

Melanie Aldridge

Mary Dave Blackman

Julia Gerhardt

Francisco Ramos

Courtney Russ

John Tester


• Brent Bingham, Principal

CHAIR SPONSORED BY Dan and Pamela Pope

Brett Long

Justin Waller, Principal

Hunter Mullins

Spenser Weese


• Evan Edwards, Principal

ADOPTED BY Sondra Tornga



Matthew Geiger, Principal

Cassidy Calloway

Ben Cantrell

Jerry Greene

Andrew Henry

Dave Whaley


Scott Eddlemon, Principal


Peter Ryan, Principal


Lelia Lattimore, Principal

Alissa Adumndson

Sally Kelton

A Special Thank You to Our 2020-21 Adopt-A-Musician Supporters!

We are honoring our 2021-21 Adopters during our 2021-22 Season since last season was interrupted by the Covid Pandemic.

Thank you for your support!

• Kellie Brown, Associate Concertmaster

ADOPTED BY Donald Shaffer

• Shelley Armer, Principal Viola

CHAIR SPONSORED BY Dr. Ben and Mrs. Kathryn Hall

• Sarah Hurd, Violin

ADOPTED BY Robert and Donna Jacobson

• Wendy Royston, Viola

ADOPTED BY Robert and Donna Jacobson

• Georgia Sinko, Cello

ADOPTED BY Robert and Donna Jacobson

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